About Kampung Luar Batang
The Journey of Old Village in North Jakarta

Many journeys are made in life to reach dreams. Starting from a journey to find inner peace by seeing the beautiful nature of God's creation to diving into stories that have been built for a long time that are full of religious meanings. If you are one of those who like to take meaningful trips, you must complete your spiritual travel destination by visiting Kampung Tua in North Jakarta called Kampung Luar Batang.

Kampung Luar Batang

Photo of Kampung Luar Batang in early 20th century.

The Old Village in North Jakarta Journey

Kampung Luar Batang has taken root in Batavia's land since 1630 with an area of ​​16.5 hectares. In the 17th century, after the VOC was established, Kampung Luar Batang became a temporary residence for ship crews or the indigenous people of the archipelago who were about to enter the port of Batavia. The VOC exercised very strict surveillance and prohibited Nusantara ships from crossing the port at night. They are required to pass through checkpoints in order to check the entire ship and cargo carried.

While waiting for the permission to dock, which could take days, the crew built a temporary shack in the form of a hut. Then, over time, the accommodation slowly developed into what is now known as a village that is outside the checkpoint or so-called Kampung Luar Batang.

Various ethnic groups began to increasingly crowd the activities at Sunda Kelapa Harbor and formed several residential clusters during the early formation of Kampung Luar Batang, namely: Javanese, Bugis, and Arabic clusters.

The Old Map Around Kampung Luar Batang.

The Sacred Mosque of Luar Batang
The Sacred Mosque of Luar Batang, so-called Luar Batang Mosque, is a historical worship building located in Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara.